Life Members


Life Members

1967 Chris Vormister

1977 Stan Mearing and Everett Stanley

1978 Hazel Hiddlestone and Ray Hiddlestone

1980 Shirley Williams

1981 Dorothy Sefton

1983 Clarice Allen

1984 Tom Laycock and Gwen Rowland

1990 Noel Causer and Joan Sheppard and Jack Hannett

1995 Elizabeth Dickinson and Leni Sandy and Wes Sweet

1995 Col Archie and Tom Smythe and Keith Tyssen

2000 Frank Williams and Howard Worner

2004 Shirley Christenson

2005 Ann Kennon and Noel Kennon

2011 Cec Dwyer and Tony Panozzo

2012 Bill Cahill and Jeff Carey and Terry Hogarth

*** In addition a 2012 search of the club records has revealed Tom Davis being made a Life Member but unfortunately not the year.

2013 Jane and Gary Farnham

2015 Bob Webb, John Maley, Greg Cook