Any members wishing to attend please put name in the workshop book.

You can find the workbook in the Club Rooms with current workshops being organised. You can add your name to the list of  workshops you are interested in. If you have a particular interest that is not shown, start a page with a description of the course you would like to have organised. When there are enough names on the list of ‘interested persons’ we will try to organise Instructors and you will be contacted.
The Instructors are mostly volunteers and courses are organised at times and dates to suit the Instructor and the majority of people on the list.

Details of future workshops are contained in the newsletters

Dichroic Glass Workshop – 22nd July 2018

With a small class and some fancy glass, a great morning was had! Each individual’s creative flair was displayed when we mixed and matched different glass to come up with some beautiful creations… there was even a bit of experimenting to be done with the Dichroic glass as well! Thanks to Veronicia and Maureen for running the class, it was great!

Different Stages
Design Stage and Tools used
Cleaning the glass before going into the kiln
Member’s designs before going into the kiln.
Member’s designs before going into the kiln.

Cabbing Workshop – 1st July 2018

Another fantastic day was had by all who came along to the Cabochon Workshop, turning  rough slabs, into little cabbed beauties!!

Enamelling – 17 June, 2018

Enamelling Workshop results June 2018

What a hoot! With a full class of 10 a fun and productive day was had, thanks to Veronicia and Mick. Our Supervisors took us through all the steps to make our own precious piece of art with everyone coming away with “the fever” to do some more. Thank you again Veronicia and Mick for a great day. Our regular Enameling classes are held on the 1st and 2nd Wednesday of each month between 9 and 1 pm.
For those of you that are unable to make a class through the week, keep an eye out for more Sunday Workshops. – Taken from the monthly newsletter written by Chris.

Glass beads – 30th June 2012

Example of a Lampwork bead by Jan


On Saturday 30th June 2012 Jan demonstrated making glass beads. Jan’s work has been recognised at the Easter show with a first prize and anyone that has seen her work will agree it is stunning. Jan is now conducting classes in making these beads.


More of Jan’s work – this time enamelling