Office Bearers

Illawarra Lapidary Club Officer Bearers for 2022 to 2023

Executive Committee
PresidentPaul LSenior Vice President:Janet F
SecretaryJohn MSecond Vice PresidentRose C
TreasurerPaul L  
Office Bearers
Assistant SecretaryEllen HAssistant TreasuerVACANT
EditorRomina DAssistant EditorLynne W
Catering OfficersCarol S, Rose C & Bob H
Festival Co-ordinatorJanet FAss. Festival Co-ordinatorEllen H
G&L Council DelegateJoan ZealeyHall Booking OfficerVACANT
Grounds officerBob HAss. Grounds officerVACANT
Lapidary OfficerVeronicia BAss. Lapidary OfficerBob H
LibrarianJanelle BAss. LibrarianVACANT
Maintennance OfficersGreg C, Barry Y & Bob H
Mineral Group ConveynorNoel KAss. Mineral Group ConveynorRoly S
Minutes SecretaryRomina DProgram SecretaryVACANT
Property OfficerJanet FPublic OfficerJohn M
Publicity OfficerLynne WAss. Publicity OfficerRomina D
Sales OfficersLynne W, Terry, Romina, David H, Bob H and Barry, John W and Peter.
Trips LeaderDavid HAss. Trips LeaderPeter S and Romina D
Welfare OfficerCarol SFaceting OfficerPeter W
Silver Craft OfficerBarry YLampwork OfficerJennifer B
Silver Casting OfficerBarry YJewellery Making OfficerBarry Y
Enamelling OfficerMichael DWebmasterRomina D
Grants OfficerBill ZSafety OfficerMichael Y
Competition OfficerEva A Asst Competition Officer Joan Z